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I am available for commissions: murals, landscapes, abstracts, or portraits. Contact me for more info.


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DRIFTLESS: Collaboration of Coppock, Eck & Kalk
At the LivingRoom Gallery in Chicago May 18-June 29, 2013

Collectors and scavengers at their core, the artists gathered source materials as they explored 80-acres of ridge, valley and woods in Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin located in the 'Driftless Region' of the Midwest. Following a process of gathering and re-mixing natural, human-made and digital sources, they form a personal, composite perspective of this region. A close examination and slowing of pace amidst the cacophony of data unravels the playful potential of even the tiniest bits.

livingroom gallery





First work of 2013:
Remembering the Rainforest, 12 x 12 inches

This work is available at Soovac's "Get Lucky" fundraiser on Sat, Jan 26th.






strata photo


Documentary Film & Book

Sawiyano: Traditional Arts & Crafts is a documentary and book about the Sawiyano who live the Sundaun Province of Papua New Guinea. By following the daily lives of an extended family, it is an intimate view into the lives of a tribe in the midst of cultural change. It will show where and how supplies are gathered in the rainforest and swamp, how objects are crafted, and the final uses of objects.

I'm doing a documentary on the traditional arts & crafts of the Sawiyano group of New Guinea.
Please visit the website and facebook page.



strata photo


New Photo Book (available starting April 15, 2012)

This book shows the beauty of the untamed landscape in the Daniel Boone National
Forest area in Eastern KY, which is at the edge of Appalachia. The terrain is incredibly
diverse with layers of rock, shale and limestone with creeks criss-crossing between
the hollows of the many tree-covered hills and small mountains. Vines hang thick
around the trees and the underbrush.

This volume includes from photographs from landscapes around Rowan, Carter and
Fleming County of Eastern KY.

Available now on Blurb.




Collaboration of Kalk, Eck & Coppock / Livingroom Gallery (Chicago) / May 2013
We have been invited to create an installation relating to the landscape of SE WI.



strata photo

strata photo


In the Hills & Hollows

Gallery 360 / Mpls, MN

April 14 - May 27, 2012

This exhibition includes a range of work in reaction to what I have encountered in the hills and hollows of Eastern KY. The encaustic works include landscapes of trees and hills, exposed root systems, strata of shale, and other forms of plant-life from the region. The exhibition includes detailed renderings of roots and rocks, simplified landscapes, close-ups of objects, and patterns found in limestone.

I moved to the edge of Appalachia in Fall of 2010 where I live and teach in Eastern Kentucky. This landscape does have the stereotypical fenced in fields for farms and horses. But the terrain is also incredibly diverse and it also has layers of rock, shale and limestone and creeks criss-crossing between the hollows of the many tree-covered hills and small mountains called “knobs”. Vines hang thick around the trees and the underbrush. As I hike around the surrounding counties - I photograph, draw on-site and collect all sorts of objects: root systems pulled from dried-up creek beds, shale that crashes to the edges of roadways, limestone embedded with fossils, possum skulls and turtle shells.




strata photo


Here in the Strata: A Collaboration of Caleb Coppock, Daphne Eck and Bethany Kalk
- A Fuse the Muse project
- Jan 28 – Feb 25, 2012
- Opening reception is Saturday, Jan 28, 5-7pm

Here in the Strata is our art-based interpretation of Rowan County, Kentucky. Collectors and scavengers at our core, we have gathered source materials from all around the county. We traveled far up creek beds and foraged along the edges of the lake. We sifted through the layers of leaves and searched the strata of this untamed landscape. Following a process of gathering and re-mixing natural, human-made and digital sources, we form a personal, composite perspective of this region. A close examination and slowing of pace amidst the cacophony of daily data unravels the playful potential of even the tiniest bits.

This exhibition features photography, sculpture, assemblages and specimens. Artwork has been installed on both floors.



Breathing Room Exhibition

Peerless Gallery in Omaha
Mid Sept – Mid October 2011
24 x 24 inches each / Mixed Media on Panel

Artwork:Collaboration between myself, Caleb Coppock and Cale Ogelsby

indy mural  

Indianapolis Mural

Commissioned by the Arts Council of Indianapolis

Along the Canal, under the New York St Bridge

82 x 10 ft, Acrylic

Completed in October, 2011


strange phase  

This Strange Phase

Collaboration between myself, Caleb Coppock and Daphne Eck. Commissioned by Big Omaha Conference. May 2011, new version shown in October at Peerless Gallery.

Video by Caleb and Bethany
Vocals by Bethany
Text by Daphne
Music for 2nd version by Nathan Tensen Woolery

>> Vimeo link


Silo Design

My design was accepted by Emerging Terrain of Omaha for a printed mural.

Ant Trails / 80 x 12 feet



Carlton Hotel Commissions

I was commissioned to do 3 paintings for the Carlton Hotel in Downtown Minneapolis.
All these were based on paintings I had done previously. They identified works they were interested in and I then did digital sketches to include the color orange. After they accepted the sketches, I proceeded onto the paintings. The 2 abstracts are in the front lobby and the pine needles painting is near the back, toward the elevators. Summer of 2011


wading deep


Hannah Bacol Busch Gallery
Caught in the Calm
May 21 - June 25th, 2011
Reception: May 21st, 6pm – 10pm

These works are results of recent artist residencies along rivers in the Midwest & on the Pacific Northwest Coast. The works in this exhibition include a wide-range of approaches to the landscapes including both realistic and abstracted views of the landscapes or objects found in them; ranging from naturalistic drawings and paintings, wall murals combined with collected objects, patterns & layered abstractions.

Both of these works are results from being in NY Mills, MN on a bright afternoon. Both are on canvas, each is 30 x 40 inches, acrylic.

Hannah Bacol Busch Gallery
2501 S Shepherd
Houston TX 77019


5 panel

5 panel


Prairie Care Commission

Prairie Care, Teen Center, MN

Each is 4 x 5 ft. These are based on my painting "Caught in the Calm" from 2010. The patron gave me swatches of color to include.

February 2011


These images aren't yet on my site, but they are on the blog. The majority of the originals have been sold but you can buy selected prints on Etsy and more will be added soon.


Minnesota Center for Book Arts
Series X - MCBA/Jerome Foundation
Nov 12, 2010- Feb 6, 2011

At this exhibition I'll be showing a book of 20 images and 5 original works + video of the site I was drawing.


The River from North Mississippi Regional Park is a book of drawings and paintings that create a portrait of a single spot on the river in Minneapolis from winter through fall. Kalk's chosen area is on the river embankment, across from a small island where herons nest. The artist elaborates: "From here you almost forget you are in the city except one can hear the hum of traffic from I-94, see the blue Camden Bridge that spans the river nearby, and decipher the city in the distance. I drew and painted on site when possible; the winter images are painted from my own photographs. I also filmed the site multiple times during the year." The culminating artist's book features an 8-foot by 9-inch painting of the river in a 180-degree view, divided into two 4-foot accordion folds. Additional pages illustrate delicate details: roots, insects, flowers and additional views of the landscape.


Thomas Barry Fine Arts
Summer Invitational IV
July 17 - August 27, 2010

Opening: Saturday, July 17, 6-9 pm

Thomas Barry Fine Arts

The fourth annual Summer Invitational will feature the work of five artists, Caleb Coppock, Bethany Kalk, Josie Lewis, Drew Peterson, and Emily Smith, who share similar interests in layering images, information, and materials. Please note that the gallery will be closed on Saturdays until September.

Curated by Bethany Kalk


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